Why we do it

We created Bull-It Box because we love cigars, guns and America. We are veterans of the U.S. Army with a combined 50+ years of service.

Throughout multiple deployments in Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan, we would occasionally enjoy a decent cigar in some less-than-decent places. When we got back, we wanted to create a unique line of boxes that capture those moments from overseas.


The Humidor

Cigar lovers will love these Military Grade Ammo Cans. Each one (whether you want the M2A1 or the PA108) are lined with Western Cedar, which turns it into a perfect humidor.

The M2A1 and PA108 cans are sturdy and can stand up to just about any wear and tear challenge you might bring. It’s also water-tight and can hold up to 30 cigars.


The Armory

Where better to store your weapon than an ammo box? A simple foam insert converts the box into a sturdy, personal armory for either one or two handguns.

The insert fits most handguns and even a few magazines. Perfect for home storage and convenient when it’s time to hit the range.